Cairo Biennale Cairo Biennale
Since its inception in 1984, the Cairo Biennale is considered one of the most important cultural events in the Middle East.
Conceived and initially designed to explore contemporary art in the Arab world, the concepts of the successive artistic directors expanded the interest to the global international arena.
The biennale is produced by the fine arts sector of the Egyptian ministry of culture, and the exhibition is spread over the entirety of all public spaces managed by the sector.
The success in sustaining the event had in a direct impact on the contemporary art practices arising from Egypt as well as from the Middle East region in the past two decades.


Searching for an event or a party venue, our Venues collection can help you find the perfect way to enjoy your time to complement the theme of the artworks. Each venue is chosen to fulfill your needs, whether it’s Islamic, Cultural tourism, and night activities like: Al-Azhar Park, Creation Centers.. etc.


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